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:From 2018 – Now
:Currently in – Mumbai, India
:Director & Cinematographer


My journey began in the eccentric town of Kanpur, India, nurtured by parents who championed my individuality. An educational voyage in Communication Design (Pearl Academy, New Delhi, 2014-2018) uncovered a vast canvas for visual creativity. My camera became a trusted companion, an anchor during moments of solitude & curiosity. Travel to Egypt sparked my passion for filmmaking, and my graduation project ( Dear Me, 2018)

marked the awakening of the storyteller in me, leading to my directorial debut in Greece (Dear Athens, 2020) whilst working as an Independent Filmmaker for Provou Productions. Moving to Bombay & assisting and collaborating with industry professionals refined my craft and offered clarity in filmmaking. Beyond cinema, I'm immersed in nature, travel, and keen observation, painting my canvas of thought & creation.

As an independent filmmaker –
I observe & weave tales on screen. I’m a multi-potentialite, a director and cinematographer by trade, seamlessly blending these roles to craft compelling stories that mirror my diverse passions.”

Film Direction

"To harness storytelling's transformative power through visuals, igniting positive change."


"Each frame narrates a story, connecting me with my true self."




"I’ve watched your beautiful film several times and I’m truly moved by its beauty. You and Raghavi and your whole team have so honored my words with this gorgeous film. Thank you. I love the way you adapted my words for this script and the cinematography and music pair with it perfectly. In making this short film, you have offered help to others who need to be reminded of their strength and courage. That’s the magic of art. How lucky we are to make it. I hope you will keep writing and making films. We need your voice in the world."

Cheryl Strayed
New York Times Bestselling Author


"Raghavi is a keen learner and extremely sincere in her approach to work. It was truly an amazing experience being around her infectious enthusiasm for the craft of filmmaking and life in general!"

Kopal Naithani
Director at Superfly Films


"Probus Productions is a startup creating content and educational programs for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. It was a pleasant surprise to witness that our mission was close to Ms. Agarwal’s heart. She had the opportunity to get involved in all stages of the videos’ creation process. She managed the productions we undertook during that period, from idea creation to production, to post-production. Ms. Agarwal is intelligent, with solution-oriented thinking, hard-working, and a talented videographer."

Aspasia Provou
Founder; Provou Productions, Greece


"Raghavi's aesthetic is unmatched and so are her skills in cinematography and direction. Her values reflect in the leadership roles as she allows her teammates to explore their creativity. I have felt at ease with working with her, since she is a great listener and helps you to narrow down ideas. I have always loved working with her and hope to continue working with her."

Vishakha N. Singh
Independent Writer


"Raghavi is a natural multi hyphenate when it comes to film making. I've thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative process while working with her!"

Aashay Shah
Co-Founder; Django Digital
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